Episode 25: The Secrets That Most People Never Learn About Copywriting, with Craig Clemens

20 years of Copywriting Insight in a 45-Minute conversation.

In this episode, Craig composes copy on the fly, dropping headlines, hooks and tips for Copywriters that want to follow in the kind of success that Craig has achieved. As the Founder of Golden Hippo, Craig is passionate about helping people and ideas make an impact. He tells Roland the story of his career thus far…

Listen for

• How he finds great copywriters today

• His Four-Part Formula for How To Get Great at Anything.

• The revelation that caused Craig to never be able to sell the same again

• The Friday night email that changed everything and set Craig on his path to success

• How to write copy that lays out benefits in a way that builds insane curiosity in the reader, so that you can make a lot of money (and have a great life-style).

• How to write the kind of copy that garners 129 million views on your videos, so that you can share products and ideas that change the world.

Connect with Craig over Instagram or visit Golden Hippo


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