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Episode 210: Quick Ways To Find Leverage In Your Business, With Roland Frasier

November 2, 2020

What are you doing right now that gives you the biggest result in your business(es), and what of those things cost the least money? Thinking about this can change your business. Listen today if you want to find the quick wins, and work through different ways to find leverage in your business. Roland Frasier is Co-founder or principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine fastest-growing companies (e-commerce, e-learning, SaaS + real estate). He has built or sold 24 businesses with adjusted sales ranging from $3 million to just under $4 billion. He’s a mentor, investor and an excellent podcaster too!

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Episode 209, How To Manage Wealth Like A Billionaire, With Jim Dew

October 28, 2020

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s looking to build wealth and manage your finances more effectively, you’ll hear some key takeaways and insight in Today’s episode. Roland talks with Jim Dew, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Dew Wealth Management. They build virtual ‘family offices’ for entrepreneurs who are doing more than a million dollars of revenue. He makes what was traditionally a Billionaire’s ‘thing’ a more accessible solution. This innovative approach is designed to maximize time, money, and freedom. 

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Episode 208, Finding The Right Acquisitions To Fast Track Growth, With Sam Khorramian.

October 26, 2020

Today Roland Frasier introduces the Co-founder of 7-year-old Big Block Realty, Sam Khorramian, and they talk acquisitions and growth. Last year Big Block did almost 4 billion in sales with their innovative model and over a thousand agents. They also hit the top 35 fastest growing companies three years in a row. Sam and his…

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Episode 207, When To Walk Away From Your Business (Even When It’s Profitable) And Start Over, With Michael and Roslyn Rozbruch.

October 21, 2020

In Today’s episode, we talk about Partnerships that went bad, launching when you don’t know what you’re doing, scaling, and pivoting. Listen through to the end for some nuggets of wisdom from Mike on Fear and Roz’s insight on partnering with your significant other. You may not love talking or thinking about Taxes, but Mike and Roslyn Rozbruch are thriving in this space, and talk to Roland Frasier about their journey together as founders of the Tax and Business Solutions Academy, and

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Episode 206, Four Different Entrepreneur Types (That You Need To Be) To Scale Your Company, With Ryan Deiss

October 19, 2020

Ryan Deiss talks today about four different types of Entrepreneurs – and why you need to be all four of them at different stages in your company’s life cycle (if you want to scale). 

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Episode 205: How To Develop An SaaS Product, Get The Best Marketers To Promote It, And Protect Your Cash Flow Too, With Oliver Schmalholz

October 14, 2020

If you have a SaaS company or a Subscription product, this episode will open your eyes to a powerful path to top-notch promotion. If you have an audience, this episode will help you win in the long term and not just the short term. Roland Frasier talks with serial entrepreneur Oliver Schmalholz, who is not only a tech wizard but a brilliant deal maker. They zoom in on their new partnership and platform, Unicorn Equity, where Promoters earn cash and equity deals, and SaaS companies grow risk-free.

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Episode 204: A Four-Step Strategy For Writing Copy That Always ‘Works’, With Craig Clemens.

October 12, 2020

Would you benefit if your copy and your conversations always resonated and had the desired impact? After hitting 200 episodes and 1 Million downloads, we’ve had a look back at some of our most loved and most listened to episodes. This one was worth re-sharing for our new listeners. Our guest, Craig Clemens, shares a golden formula to make your message resonate with a solid 4-step strategy for writing copy that always works.

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Episode 203, Lessons In Confidence and The Value Of A Great Suit, With Dawn Melon & Brent Lob.

October 7, 2020

Today we have something a bit different, with Roland Frasier speaking with not one but two entrepreneurs who operate in the same field and partner together often. We have high-performance stylist Dawn Melon and Brent Lob of Q Clothiers.  These guys have client lists that read like a “who’s who,” and they talk today about your image’s role in how you feel, how you’re perceived, and, ultimately, in your success.

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Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier is a strategic investor who has bought and sold over 100 public and private companies ranging from a few million to over $100 million in adjusted sales over the past 30 years. He specializes in creative deal structuring and low and no money down acquisitions where he can add value, grow, scale and sell the businesses he acquires for as much as 200 times or more his initial investment. A "recovering attorney," Roland practiced business, tax and securities law for over 12 years, has been a principal or founder of 5 different Inc Magazine fastest growing companies and lives in San Diego with his wife, 2 children and their 3 chihuahuas.
You can connect with the Business Lunch Podcast team on Twitter and check out Roland's business site here.