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Episode 46: Exit Takeaways; How To Ensure Your Business Actually Makes You Money In The End, with Mike Koenigs

April 24, 2019

Business thought leader, Influencer and Authority Mike Koenigs says his ‘superpower’ is that he is an ‘Amplifier’. He amplifies good ideas, creates markets and has built and sold four companies. He now focuses on advising business owners on how to amplify their message, their offers and helps them to prepare for their own exits. On…

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Episode 45: The Tools and Tactics You Need To Harness The Power of Text Messaging To Engage Your Prospects, with Steve Sims

April 22, 2019

The man who created Bluefish, the internationally famous company that makes once in a lifetime events happen for the rich and famous, talks with Roland Frasier about how he uses texting in his marketing campaigns. He reveals some of his tactical tips, specifically the TEXT messaging tools that he relies on in his successful business,…

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The Power of For-Profit Businesses To Change The World: Naveen Jain Sets Out To Make Chronic Illness Optional

April 17, 2019

What are the really big things we can do that will change the world – beyond making great products and services that we’re trying to sell? Roland introduces Naveen Jain on the stage at his War Room Mastermind. Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. The founder…

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Episode 43: Who Got You Here, Won’t Get You There: The Stages of Business Growth, with Clate Mask

April 15, 2019

Roland Frasier captures a critical takeaway after his Business Lunch with Clate Mask, CEO of InfusionSoft, Entrepreneur, and Author of NY Times Best Seller, ‘Conquer The Chaos’. Because of his huge success helping small businesses, Clate has a unique vantage point to see business patterns.  Today’s episode is a sound bite of epic proportions. Use…

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Episode 42: How To See and Seize Opportunity: Original Shark Tank Host, Kevin Harrington Talks Franchises, Equity Deals and Going Global

April 10, 2019

Roland Frasier masterfully draws out the takeaways and transferrable tips in Kevin Harringtons’ extraordinary success story. Listen for • What Harrington would do NOW if he didn’t have the international connections and was just starting out • What the Inventor of the Infomercial looks for in a Product to gauge its potential for success •…

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Episode 41: How to Use Partnerships To Have Your Best Day Ever, Every Day, with Roland Frasier

April 8, 2019

Hacks for Networking & Setting Up Great Partnerships In this episode, Roland breaks down how he built his dream network and how you can too. He describes some of the successful partnerships he’s formed, gives examples of the tangible benefits on both sides, and shares with us how he puts these deals together. Listen For…

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Episode 40: The Man Who Can Make Pretty Much Anything Happen (and How He Does It Through Relationships) with Steve Sims

April 3, 2019

The man who created Bluefish, the internationally famous company that makes once in a lifetime events happen for the rich and famous, sits and chats with Roland Frasier, and reveals some of his trade secrets for making things happen. If a bricklayer from East London can be ‘knocking around’ with the Pope and Elon Musk,…

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Episode 39: Overwhelmed by Business Growth Ideas? A Proven System To Reveal Your Most Effective Strategy

April 1, 2019

Make Everything You Do More Effective With This Growth Tool How do you pick the best ideas to grow your business? How do you know where to start or what to do? Roland has a growth team at each of the 24 businesses that he has built in 24 different industries. He shares the proven…

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Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier is a strategic investor who has bought and sold over 100 public and private companies ranging from a few million to over $100 million in adjusted sales over the past 30 years. He specializes in creative deal structuring and low and no money down acquisitions where he can add value, grow, scale and sell the businesses he acquires for as much as 200 times or more his initial investment. A "recovering attorney," Roland practiced business, tax and securities law for over 12 years, has been a principal or founder of 5 different Inc Magazine fastest growing companies and lives in San Diego with his wife, 2 children and their 3 chihuahuas.
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