Episode 19: Start, Scale & Sell a Business Worth Buying, with A.J. Mirabedini

In today’s episode, How to Handle the Biggest Problems in Founder-led Businesses!

Roland Frasier sits down with A.J. Mirabedini to help you win at the ultimate game of starting, scaling and selling your business. A.J. brings over 25 years of experience supporting, mentoring, and guiding entrepreneurs through the often turbulent waters that come with founder-led businesses.

Listen in for these key take-aways that will impact your business and your future.

  • How to build a relationship with a bank that will help you breathe better, think better & operate better.
  • The biggest problems & ‘unpleasant surprises’ that A.J sees consistently in businesses.
  • How to dodge the ‘Founder-led curse’ of many entrepreneurs that pour their lives into their businesses.
  • How to hire talent and put systems in place that will appeal to private equity and potential acquirers.
  • How and when to hire a Chief Financial Officer.
  • Where to start when you have no SOP’s  (Standard Operating Procedures) in place.

Connect with AJ on LinkedIn and visit AJMAdvisoryGroup.com

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