Episode 23: Smart Ways to Find Opportunity When the Market Shifts, with Perry Belcher

When It’s Time To Pivot.

How should a Business respond when there’s a tectonic shift in the market? Roland Frasier sits down with Perry Belcher – Marketing Specialist, Investor, and Co-Founder of Digital Marketer.

After the election, one of Perry’s businesses (in the Survival space) fell about 60% and they went from a team of 50+ people to 8. But Perry Belcher was able to pivot and come out ahead.

Listen to how Perry

  • Knows his audience and made it his business to understand their mental shift.
  • Perry looked at the historical parallels & transferred the same wisdom (and even sourced Ad copy!) to his business and market.
  • Perry considered the Macro picture of what was happening in the market, instead of only looking at his products and his customer.
  • Learned what people want when they feel safe, compared to what they want when they don’t.
  • Pivoted their message (from a Survival message to a Patriotic message).
  • Sold the same core products but replaced people’s entry point.
  • Used his ‘Side-Ways List Building’ technique and set up smart Lead-Sale arrangements with other companies that shared his target audience.

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