Episode 235: It’s The Little Things (That Close Deals And Get Referrals), With John Ruhlin

Do You Struggle To Cut Through The Noise & Attract Referrals?

Business is all about relationships. So if you’re smart, you will develop a strategy for really recognizing, appreciating, nurturing, and nourishing those relationships. 

“The hinges that swing the biggest doors are the relationships you have.” Roland Frasier

As our guest today, we have John Ruhlin, the CEO, and founder of Giftology. He also has a book of that same name that you can get here

“Nobody wakes up at 4:00 AM and says, man, if I had a gift strategy, my business would change forever. But, most people, if they’re honest with themselves, would say that it every business, every industry rises and falls on relationships”. John Ruhlin

Today’s Top Takeaways

  1. Have a gifting strategy 
  2. Gift at a level that is commensurate with the value of the relationship.
  3. Personalize to the recipient, not to your company. 

Plus, Listen For,

  • The number one mistake that brands make when they send out gifts.
  • When a gift can actually cost you in your relationship instead of investing in the relationship.

“You’re actually trying to manipulate them into becoming a billboard for you, and you actually could spend money to damage the relationship.” John Ruhlin.

  • Why you should target the inner circle of high-level clients, such as their family members, their assistants, etc. – and how this ends up being a much better investment than splurging on expensive gifts for the individual.
  • What makes a gift more meaningful and impactful.

“A true gift is no strings attached, but what’s funny is the less you make it about yourself. The more they make it about you.” John Ruhlin

• How to set an appropriate budget.

“You need to have a strategy on how you’re going to show up for people and be different and, you know, stay top of mind and engage in these relationships so that they want to refer your business and do more business with you.’ John Ruhlin.

The ROI you can expect to see when you invest in people and relationships in the right way and for the longevity of it. 

• Keys to choosing the right gift.

Most people waste money because they give gifts as a reactionary thing.” John Ruhlin

Thanks so much for joining us this week.

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