Episode 241: Bite Less and Chew More, With Terry Williamson

When a seasoned entrepreneur reaches all of their goals by the age of forty, what’s next? 

Roland Frasier has guest Terry Williamson on the show today. He’s a business builder turned entrepreneur turned investor, and he shares a quick background on his 8 and 9 figure businesses.

What’s really interesting in this episode is that someone SO successful can change the way they do business and launch into an exciting second chapter. Terry is ‘owning’ his superpowers, leverage, and value – and helping other entrepreneurs (like you) do the same.

Today’s Top Takeaways.

  • Save your money and use Other peoples’ money instead.
  • Know your network, or borrow someone else’s’.
  • Play long term games with long term people.
  • Bite less, Chew more.
  • Be the leader (un-apologetically).
  • Know when to ‘cheat.’
  • Your Super Power, PLUS your passion, makes you unstoppable. 
  • Define Your Desired Outcomes.

Plus, What’s Your Freedom Number?

Check out Terry’s free tool here.

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