Episode 28: Monetizing Influencer Marketing, with Nick Coats

Attention is Today’s Most Valuable Currency.

Roland sits down with Nick Coats, Founder and CEO of SawTooth Media Group to discuss how they partner with Influencers to build 7 and 8 Figure brands. The Influencers he works with go from making under 6 figures per year to making that much a month, and the synergy is truly a WIN WIN.

Listen as Roland draws out tactical details, and Nick provides some surprising revelations about monetizing Influencer marketing.

  • How to structure these deals and what to expect
  • How to find Influencers that are ideal for this kind of growth
  • What drives Influencers as opposed to what drives marketers
  • How to leverage their active, highly engaged audiences for huge savings in Ad costs.
  • How to Re-Target followers into solid funnels that convert.

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