Episode 30: The Fastest Way to Build Wealth, with Roland Frasier

Buy to Sell Versus Hold

Roland Frasier breaks down the fastest way that he has discovered to build wealth, by buying to sell businesses instead of holding them. In these swift 6 minutes, Roland gives us a birds-eye view of the land – including the four different types of businesses, and what makes the fourth type, the Holy Grail.

Listen for

  • What to think about when you’re building your company
  • How many times to buy and sell in order to earn almost a generation’s worth of income above what you would have earned (if you had just held onto a business).
  • The best of the three ways to value and sell your business in order to generate wealth (Revenue -multiple Exits).
  • How to look at every one of you Profit Centers and re-position them for these Revenue-multiple Exits.

Definition of Terms: EDITDA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization.

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