Episode 36: Success Begins When Your Unique Talent Solves Somebody’s Problem, with Tucker Max

From Comical Origin Story to Serious Success.

‘When people are trying to buy something that you’re not selling, maybe that’s a clue, maybe that’s a business!’.  

Tucker Max shares his story, including how he hacked law school and got fired (twice). But Roland and Tucker get to the turning point in his story when Tucker found himself as a writer, came upon a problem he could solve for people, and launched his company ScribeMedia.com.

They discuss his success, the effect on him, and his total life change. 

Listen for, 

• The script that held him back before he had a ‘punch in the gut’ revelation, that made way for his now hugely successful company.

• The clue that led to Tucker’s brilliant business idea.

• How Tucker fired himself and brought in the right man for the job.

• What he did in order to meet the kind of woman he wanted to marry.

• How he tries NOT to think too far into the future, but instead focuses on helping real people – in his case, the readers of the books that Scribe Media create. 

Visit TuckerMax.com and ScribeMedia.com and RolandFrasier.com

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