Episode 419: Scaling AI and Monetizing Content with Lucy Guo and Roland Frasier

In this Business Lunch podcast episode, Roland Frasier welcomes Lucy Guo, the co-founder of artificial intelligence firm Scale API and venture capital firm Backstage Capital. Lucy discusses her journey as an entrepreneur, from selling Pokemon cards and colored pencils in kindergarten to creating bots and marketing tools in college. She also talks about her experiences interning at Facebook and being the first female designer at SNAP. Lucy also shares her recent venture, Passes, a web3 platform for creators to monetize their content and own their fans, which raised $8 million in May 2022. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 00:00:49 – Lucy’s entrepreneurial journey (selling Pokemon cards!)
  • 01:52 – Working on Facebook
  • 04:56 – What is Lucy Guo’s experience with Y Combinator?
  • 07:23 – Lucy Guo thinks this is the best way to raise funds
  • 12:18 – Lucy’s investments
  • 18:16 – Lucy’s new venture: Passes!
  • 21:17 – What’s Lucy’s advice for those people pursuing ideal NFT designs?
  • 25:48 – Roland Frasier: Why would you go out and take money from somebody else versus funding yourself?


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Connect with Lucy Guo:

Instagram: @guoforit

Twitter: @lucy_guo

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-guo-a7804955/ 

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