Episode 463: Business Wealth Without Risk: Unlocking Exponential Growth

Join Roland Frasier and Jay Abraham in this captivating podcast series as they unveil the secrets of   their groundbreaking book, “Business Wealth Without Risk” In this exclusive journey, you’ll discover powerful strategies that can supercharge your business results.

Roland and Jay have created a series of video interviews to accompany the book, and in this podcast, they’re sharing behind-the-scenes insights.

 These videos offer a deep dive into each chapter and section of the book, providing a unique opportunity to tap into the minds of these two business gurus.

In the initial episodes, you’ll hear Roland and Jay discuss “how to think bigger” and “how to think better with business models.” 

They’ll guide you through the process of optimizing your business, whether you’re just starting out, acquiring a new venture, or looking to turbocharge your current enterprise.

Throughout the series, they’ll delve into various strategies and tactics that can help you optimize your business, from marketing techniques to pricing strategies and more. You’ll uncover the power of compounding, where small changes in key areas can lead to exponential growth.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply curious about the world of business optimization, this podcast is a must-listen. 

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“It’s about figuring out how to get much higher performance out of much less effort, time, energy, or in this case, investment or risk.” 

“What this is all about is getting you to realize that you have the ability to harness, harvest, capitalize on a multitude of performance-enhancing, result-multiplying, profit-increasing levers.” 

“If you only increase the three key factors: the number of buyers, the size of the average sale, and the frequency, the number of times they bought by only 10%, that doubling isn’t doubling when you extend it, it’s 800%, eight times more revenue.” 


  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 01:41: Levers & Fulcrums
  • 04:55: Leveraging Performace 
  • 06:45: Small Changes, Big Results 
  • 10:24: Time To Optimize 


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Roland Frasier is co-founder and principal of three current Inc. Magazine fastest-growing companies and he has founded, scaled, or sold 24 different 7 to 9 figure businesses ranging from consumer products to industrial machine manufacturing companies with adjusted sales ranging from $3 million to $337 million. 

Currently growing Scalable.co, DigitalMarketer.com, RivalBrands.com, and Plattr.com while advising over 150 other companies on digitally centric customer acquisition, activation, referral, retention, and revenue strategies and plan implementation.

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