Episode 474: Strategic Management and Scaling

Uncover the secrets to scaling your business successfully with the brilliance of Roland Frasier. As an unparalleled entrepreneurial genius, Roland shares his insights and wisdom to help you transition from a worker to a manager, highlighting the importance of the CEO’s role in achieving this monumental shift.

The conversation explores the intricacies of stepping away from the grind, focusing on strategic management, identifying crucial roles, and crafting a roadmap for efficiency that’ll set you on the path to growth and success.

In the second half, Roland unveils his unique concept of the five exits of an entrepreneur, a strategy designed to set the foundation for a prosperous entrepreneurial journey. Furthermore, we present a specific process for exiting the line successfully, a critical step whether you’re starting out or running a multi-million dollar enterprise.

So tune in, let the wisdom of Roland Frasier guide you towards your dreams of a thriving and scalable business!


“A successful entrepreneur needs to think like a startup founder, operator, and investor.”

”If you want to be the CEO, BE the CEO.”

“To achieve scale and become exitable, businesses need to focus on building processes and systems, not just acquiring more leads and customers.”


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