Episode 53: Sales, Drive, and Dealings with Billionaires, with Patrick Lustig

From the Car Lot to A Seat At The Table With Warren Buffett

Patrick Lustig is a hugely successful sales coach and operating partner of an elite Lexus dealership in Orange County, California. His company was recently bought out by Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Group, so Roland & Patrick have a lot to talk about when it comes to sales, negotiating and dealings with billionaires. 

Listen today for:

• High-level banking practices (you may have never heard of).

• Why he still would rather be a sole owner than partner with billionaires…

• Tips for negotiating

• How to address problematic and negative sales staff

• His top three books he recommends to people getting started

• How to hire the right people to build a team that will duplicate yourself

• Tips for profiling prospective employees

• The value of setting up functional processes and SOP’s that put your people first

And more!

Visit SouthCountyLexus.com or reach out to Pat on LinkedIn

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