Episode 68: Kent Clothier: Founder of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Training Company In The World

Arbitrage, Product Diversion and Whole-Sale Real Estate

Roland Frasier sits down with one of his business partners, Kent Clothier – President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW). In the last 10 years alone, Kent has been able to impact 20,000 entrepreneurs around the world with his mentoring and training programs. They discuss his entrepreneurial journey and the moment he realized that his upbringing as an Entrepreneur was both very unusual – and a huge asset.

Listen For

  • The advantages and pitfalls of thinking you’re invincible
  • The $8200 check that changed his life
  • Why you should question and test everything you think
  • The moment he realized he didn’t have a business, he had a job – and what he did about it
  • The essential mentality he chose to adopt when he moved into the Education space
  • How he stays calm, focused and centered midst the comparisons, competition and craziness of entrepreneur life
  • The books and podcasts that have helped him strike the right balance

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Visit KentClothier.com


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