Episode 76: The College Investor: From Target To 7-Figure Company of One, With Robert Farrington

America’s Millennial Money Expert® and America’s Student Loan Debt Expert™ sits with Roland Frasier to discuss his journey from a side-hustle personal finance blog to being the #1 resource for helping millennials get out of student loan debt (and start building real wealth for their future).

“My whole goal is to hit our readers where they are”, Robert Farrington, The College Investor

Listen For,

• How they got to be one of the largest personal finance sites out there, with 3 million page views a month and 7 figures in revenue.

• The first game-changer for The College Investor.

• How listening to his readers gave him the direction he needed to pivot toward growth.

• The $24 that made all the difference and spurred him on.

• How to benefit the most from attending business conferences.

• All the revenue models for how the blog actually generates money.

• How Robert began to build his team of freelancers and how he found his first hire.

• Why he likes to hire ‘young blood’ and less experienced freelancers.

• Why he has a bias toward a company of one.

• What he finds is working best for marketing.

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