Episode 87: Can You Truly Accomplish Almost Anything? Commonly Held Beliefs About Possibility (Part 3), with Roland Frasier

Can you accomplish your 10-year goals in 6 months?

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If you’ve ever felt like what you want to do might be impossible, or that it will take too long, or that “no-one has done it before so it’s probably a pipe dream”… this podcast series is for you. Roland establishes that to achieve exceptional things, you must first sincerely believe that what you want to do is actually possible. If you cannot even conceive and believe that the thing you want to achieve is possible, then your amazingly powerful brain will find a way to support you in that belief. The truth is that there are very few things that are truly impossible.

In this episode, our host Roland Frasier joins us with evidence that will inspire you to expand your possibilities and BELIEVE! Roland is known to be ‘The smartest guy in the room’ and this episode gives us a window into his mindset. One that will help you achieve so much more than you thought you could!

“If these amazing formerly assumed impossible things can be invented and these formerly thought unachievable human feats can be done, then surely you can hit your 10-year business goals in 6 months, or accomplish in 1 year what most would take 3 or 5 years to accomplish.” Roland Frasier

To help us examine the issues, Roland discusses the five categories of commonly held beliefs about Possibility, and we hone in today on the third, Perceptual impossibilities.

  1. Legally mandated impossibilities (Episode 83)
  2. Physical impossibilities (Episode 85)
  3. Perceptual impossibilities (Today)

If you lived only a few hundred years ago, you would have never thought it possible to…

• Transplant a heart, but Christiaan Bernard did and made it happen in 1967;

• Fly people in a powered aircraft, but Wilbur and Orville Wright dispelled that impossibility at Kitty Hawk in 1903.

• Drink from any water source safely without fear of bacterial infection, but Vestergaard Frandsen made it possible with The Lifestraw in 2006.

• Hold a computer in the palm your hand that could access the world’s information, answer any question you asked by voice, predict the weather, connect you to any human anywhere in the world, and even monitor your health!  But, we have that too, thanks to…Theodore Paraskevakos, who patented the idea of the Smart Phone back in 1973; The invention of the electromagnet by Karl Gauss and Wilhelm Weber; The telephone by Antonio Meucci and a practicals application of it by Alexander Graham Bell; Creation of the Internet via TCP/IP by Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf; and Voice recognition, thanks to L.E. Baum, who created the Hidden Markov Model based on Ruslan Stratonovich’s work on the optimal nonlinear filtering problem.

“Whatever the [human mind] can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill

Almost nothing that we believe to be possible is impossible.

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