Episode 155, How To Turn A Live Event Into A Powerful Virtual Experience, With Pete Vargas

Pete Vargas is an author, speaker, and CEO of Advance Your Reach. He helps Entrepreneurs leverage stages and speaking to grow their business. Pete is responsible for booking over 25,000 stages across the world and has a million speakers as clients. Pete is transitioning all of his workshops and their huge live event into Virtual events due to the Pandemic, and he’s not sad about it! 

If your business relies on Live Events and speaking, you will appreciate Pete’s insight and strategies. Or if you find yourself facing a situation where you need to make a colossal pivot to survive this Pandemic, you will be encouraged by his mindset and motivated to do what you need to do.

“We were thinking too small. Sometimes we think too small because of how fast we’re moving.” Pete Vargas

Listen For,

• Why Pete is thankful for the impact this crisis has had on his business.

• The logistics his team are working through to make this a powerful, successful pivot.

• A compelling back story that opened Pete’s eyes to the power of public speaking, and subsequently launched Pete to success.

We’re entrepreneurs. We don’t have it perfect, but we’re pivoting.” Pete Vargas

How To Provide A ‘360 Experience’.

There’s a difference between a Live Stream and a 360-degree experience. 

Pete Vargas discusses ways to stagger tiers of attendees and ‘group them’ in your virtual event, based on what ‘chapter’ they are on in their business. He shares how to prepare them with,

  1. An Intake Form to put the right people in the right groups, so that you can ensure there’s ‘magic’ in the ‘rooms.’
  2. Set people up for Transformation by preparing them with ‘pre-work’.
  3. The power of sending something physical that they can touch in the mail. 
  4. Why Pete’s team is building in a Virtual ’Check In’ with an incentive.

Plus Listen For,

  • Break Out ‘rooms’.
  • Gamification. 
  • How to break down the timing of your Virtual workshop for optimum engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • And more!

You cannot just engage their computer screens. You have to engage all their senses, a 360-degree experience. Pete Vargas

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