Episode 9: Public Speaking as a Business Model with Pete Vargas

If you run a business, there will always be times when you need to speak on a stage. But Pete Vargas has made speaking itself his business, and he joins today to share his secrets.

Pete goes over how he helped his first client grow their company from $50,000 to $7 million and has placed his clients on 25,000 stages in 15 years. He also explains how to use stages to generate revenue, how to determine your revenue stream, and how to divide your time among different stages.


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  • Why architecting a talk that showcases value over authority is more impactful to your business’ growth
  • The 2 types of speakers and what each needs to do to succeed
  • The 5 revenue generating stages to choose from and how much revenue you could make from each
  • The pranks Pete and Roland have had played on them from their colleagues while live on stage


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