Episode 110: Building Your Following and Running Multi-Network Traffic, with Rohan Sheth

Rohan Sheth has grown a couple of companies – one multi-network agency, GrowRev (which manages over 5 million a year in digital advertising), as well as a software company Direct Heroes. He’s also an in-demand speaker, consultant, and lifetime entrepreneur. He has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company magazine to name a few.

Today Roland and Rohan have a good sit down conversation. Rohan gives tidbits and tips to companies and influencers who are trying to manage and grow their following. He shares the tools that will give you the competitive edge, his advice on partnerships and hiring, AND he even drops a super cool travel hack for when you have to fly economy!

“You can go fast with yourself but you can go far with someone else”. – Rohan Sheth.

For more from Rohan, visit his website or connect with him on Facebook.  You’re also likely to want to visit DirectHeroes.com by the end of the episode.

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Listen Today For,

  • How he made over $150k from selling pocket bikes in high school.
  • The failures that taught him his best lessons.
  • Some media-buying insights on Snapchat and other platforms as an alternative to Facebook.
  • Why they stick with paid traffic instead of pursuing organic traffic.
  • How he sees Partnerships and where they have been hugely successful for him.
  • The best way for the average company to use Instagram and how being real will increase engagement.
  • How using a tool like Direct Heroes on the back end is a powerful way to capture your influence and build your audience – and may save you money on Virtual Assistants. 
  • Why he loves Instagram Lives and anything ‘video’.
  • The benefits of hiring ‘full-stack’ employees (and if hires aren’t ‘full-stack’ they train them that way, with an understanding that they’re part of a bigger team, even if they rock at a particular slice of the pie).
  • What keeps him motivated and on track and how he pursues balance in his life.
  • His genius travel hack for flying economy!

“I’m always asking, how can I get more lifetime value out of every post and every follower?” – Rohan Sheth.


References Mentioned In This Episode

Direct Heroes Website

Value Factor book

Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind book 

Dr. Demartini 

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