Episode 112: Understanding The New Eco-System of Traffic, with Ed O’Keefe

Hiring Email Lists, Collaborating With Micro-Influencers & Utilizing Keywords

Roland sits down with Ed O’Keefe: Father of Seven, Founder of Traffic Mastery Live, and Author of ‘Time Collapsing’. They talk as seasoned friends about the current eco-system of traffic, what’s working now and Ed shares some great tips for entrepreneurs and investors.

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  • The first thing to think about if you’re going into business: Assess the potential of a market by looking at its size and quality in relation to the price point.
  • How to start a business from scratch by hiring email lists.
  • How to spot the gaps in your whole game plan.
  • Why you need to be ‘broad and shallow’ in your knowledge of your business – broad in your understanding of everything but with expertise in at least one area.
  • How many Investors lose money because they don’t have the above understanding and have zero understanding of digital marketing.
  • Why you need to find something with a ‘disruptive hold in the market place’ for it to have longevity. Does your market have ‘a pain’, are you truly solving it, is it growing or is it dying…?
  • The value of reverse engineering competitors’ funnels and iterating off their starting points.
  • How to get market data quickly and inexpensively.
  • Utilizing brand keywords, buyer intent keywords and competitor keywords.
  • Using Micro-Influencers (Influencers with under 50K followers) to build social proof that you can amplify
  • Why you need to have a differentiating competitive advantage in order to compete, and if you don’t have one, what to do!

In our household, the one piece of advice we give is to be nice to everyone along the way as you pursue your dreams because that stuff comes full circle”. Ed O’Keefe

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