Episode 138, How To Develop, Market And Go Global With Your Game-Changing Product, Josh Snow

Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor.

Roland sits down with 9 figure entrepreneur Josh Snow, Founder, and CEO of SNOW Teeth Whitening and David, two 9-figure revenue-earning brands. Last year, over 100 million people interacted with websites and brands owned by his companies. If you’re an Entrepreneur or Marketer, Josh Snow has some great insights you will want to hear, including how he makes deals with influencers, and his steps and takeaways for moving into the global market.

Five Simple Strategies To Give Your Company The Incumbency Advantage (Part 2)

Mentor, Investor, Entrepreneur

If there’s a company in your industry that’s the ‘500lb gorilla’, would it make sense to model what they do? Would it be reasonable to assume that if you did what they’re doing, that you’d eventually end up with the same success? This episode is part two of a mini-series – listen if you’re looking to take the fast track to grow your business. Today Roland breaks down three more strategies to increase your measure of success.