Episode 206, Four Different Entrepreneur Types (That You Need To Be) To Scale Your Company, With Ryan Deiss

Do you tend to lean toward the operational, tactical type of Entrepreneur or the Visionary strategic type?

Ryan Deiss talks today about four different types of Entrepreneurs – and why you need to be all four of them at different stages in your company’s life cycle (if you want to scale).

Ryan is an entrepreneur, author, and investor, and according to Shark Tank star Daymond John, “His companies practically own the internet.” He’s the founder of Scalable and Digital Marketer

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The Four Types.

This is not like a personality test where you’re one of these types and somebody else’s something else…You may default to one of them, but over time you’ll likely need to be all of them as your company scales. But I don’t want you to think that one is necessarily better or worse than another” Ryan Deiss.

Though no type is superior to another, which one do you naturally default to?

1. The Inventor

As the name would suggest, The Inventor is the creator of new projects. They’re out looking at trends and opportunities and following their instincts. They primarily create value through researching, prototyping, and coming up with those breakthrough ideas.

2. The Driver

This type of Entrepreneur/Founder is the type that’s in the trenches. They get it done. They are great execution people.

3. The Manager

At this level, The Manager type begins leading leaders, managing systems, and creating processes.

4. The Guide

The Guide is the keeper of the Vision and the Culture. They serve in more of a board capacity than an executive capacity. An officer capacity, as opposed to an operator capacity.

“If you want to effectively build a portfolio of companies and make more acquisitions, then you need to be The Guide Type.” Ryan Deiss

Plus, Listen Today For

  • Why it’s so important to understand this when you’re out acquiring companies.
  • What happens when you get stuck in a particular role and can’t progress to the next phase.

“But the fact is if you were The Guide at the early stage of a company’s life, you would get nothing done. If you’re The Manager too early in the process, you’ll create bureaucracy, and nothing will get done’. Ryan Deiss

  • Keys to becoming “The Guide.” 

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