Episode 169, 5 Licensing Strategies To Add A 6 Figure Profit Center To Your Business, With Bob Serling.

With No Risk, And No Cost.

Sounds good right?

Most companies don’t realize that almost anything that a business owns is an asset that can be licensed, whether that’s a service, a process, a training program, a Physical Product, Intellectual Property, such as marketing systems, or, your name and image! Any asset can be licensed. 

Bob Serling of Licensing Lab helps companies turn their assets into 6 and 7 figure profit centers. He’s a 30-year marketing veteran AND the founder of Profit Alchemy, Inc. Serling shares how he invented a skateboard toy featuring Tony Hawk’s branding, that was sold worldwide. Bob also co-created and marketed advanced assessment software currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies. This is a fascinating and super helpful episode. As always, Roland asks questions that most people don’t.

Serling and Roland discuss inventions and product development but focus on licensing and how YOU can explore these possibilities too.  Serling shares some famous examples as well as a deep dive into how this all works. Listen if you want to bring these kinds of deals together.

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“It’s really important that people realize, they do their business on a day to day basis, but those relationships you’ve built are leverageable assets. But most people don’t think that way”. Bob Serling

Listen For,

  • The 25 Million Dollar letter (that he licensed and went on to make even more from).
  • The nuts and bolts of brokering a deal.
  • How to make money connecting people.
  • When to turn your most significant expenses into profit centers. 
  • Lesser-known advantages to licensing.

Five of Bob’s Top Licensing Strategies

  1. Process & IP Licenses
  2. Profit Cloning
  3. Exponential Tollgates (The 25 Million Dollar Letter)
  4. Certifications
  5. Repeating Circuit Joint Ventures

“Any time you get greedy, deals fall apart real quickly”. Bob Sterling

Including, Bob’s Secrets To Successful Inventions (“Profit Cloning”).

  • How he Invents something that’s guaranteed to be successful.
  • How to research invention ideas and his personal “Profit Cloning” process that has proven successful.
  • The stiff challenges of getting an invention to market, and how he gets around that.

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