Episode 168, How To Grow A Huge, Lean Company, And Let Go Enough To Live The LifeStyle That You Want, With Tom Wilkerson

If you find yourself a perfectionist in your business, because you care so much about it, this episode will help you to LET GO so that you can see the growth and lifestyle that you want. 

Tom Wilkerson runs a multi-million dollar company with just one employee. He has Doubled and Doubled and Doubled his business, and it all began when he “was just solving my own problem”. He and Roland talk today about how he does it, in this short, snack-size episode.

“You said to me, If it’s only 80% as good as I would do it, but they do five times as much as I would do, then I’m way ahead. So that’s when I started farming it out, farming it out, farming it out.” Tom Wilkerson

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Listen For,

  • The game-changing advice Roland gave him years ago.

“I’ve consistently been the biggest log jam in my business”. Tom Wilkerson

  • How he and his wife make working together, work.
  • How (and why) he keeps his business so lean.

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