Episode 204: A Four-Step Strategy For Writing Copy That Always ‘Works’, With Craig Clemens.

After hitting 200 episodes and 1 Million downloads, we’ve had a look back at some of our most loved and most listened to episodes. This one was worth re-sharing for our new listeners. Our guest, Craig Clemens, shares a formula to make your message resonate with a solid 4-step strategy for writing copy that always works.

Would you benefit if your copy and your conversations always resonated and had the desired impact?

“In order to get someone’s attention, you have to address them in a way that’s based on something they can relate to”. Craig Clemens.

Craig Clemens is the Co-Founder of Golden Hippo. As a copywriter with more than 1 Billion in sales, he has some insight up his sleeves. If you’re changing your messaging to fit this changing economy, now is a great time to take a listen to this quick episode. Craig explains his method that aligns you with your customer and gets the results you want.


A   Ask a ‘Yes Question’.

R   Reveal that YOU have been there. 

C   Call out your Discovery.

S   Send) them to DO something.

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