Episode 149: How To Raise Capital and Get Investors In Tough Times (Q&A), With Brad Blazar

In this episode, Roland and Brad Blazar talk through what they are seeing with investors right now, and the success companies are having in raising money. They also host a Q&A from a series of live Zoom calls on his Facebook page

“Everyone is not frozen in fear. We are moving forward. It’s just that we’re at home. Business is still happening.” Roland Frasier

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Last week we shared an episode with Ty Crandall on raising money through the variety of credit options right now. But where today’s guest, Brad Blazar, really shines is when it comes to raising money through investors. Brad has raised over 4 Billion dollars, so he has a firm handle on this landscape right now. 

“Diversification is key. So many people were so heavily weighted in the stock market, that it’s been a dramatic awakening for millions of people around the world”. Brad Blazar.

For the record, this conversation was recorded in mid-March, 2020.

Listen Today For

• Are people still investing, and are companies even able to raise money right now?

• Where are people investing right now? 

• The digital tools and platforms that Brad is using to keep business moving logistically.

• Brad’s ‘Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy’ for those who are tempted to stockpile their cash. 

• How Brad is helping people who are afraid and want to get OUT.

“Investing is like marketing. Marketing isn’t something you did, it’s something you do.” Brad Blazar

Plus, Questions From Entrepreneurs Who Are Trying To Raise Money:

• How to change your pitch to investors.

• A sample ‘script’ and specific approach from Roland.

“You need to be talking about what the investment DOES as opposed to what the investment is.” Brad Blazar

• Tactics for structuring Blind Pool Offerings in this economy, and for this new digital environment.

• What to do if you’re raising capital for a fully remote company, and do investors even care?

• Whether you need to have pre-committed equity to pursue opportunities.

Opportunity Zones  Distressed Securities, and 1031’s.

• Thoughts on Multi-Family Syndications, and what to do if you bought too high.

• And so much more!

“This is forcing us to make a pivot. To ask, ‘what is my primary skill?’ At the end of the day, the exchange of capital between an entrepreneur and a consumer is really where you’re solving a problem. If we can solve problems, and profit from solving problems, offering the solutions digitally, there’s a tremendous opportunity.” Brad Blazar

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