Episode 147, Jay Abraham’s Covid-19 Strategies: Live Q&A With Entrepreneurs (PART 1)

Roland has been sharing a series of live Zoom calls with his Mastermind members on his Facebook page. Listen today for a “5 Minute Hot Seat” style session with real entrepreneurs from around the world, asking today’s questions.

Jay Abraham is America’s highest-paid marketing consultant. He worked with Entrepreneur Magazine and multiplied their revenue back when nobody knew what an entrepreneur was. He’s been through four tough economic cycles and therefore has experience and wisdom to help all kinds of entrepreneurs in this un-precedented time. 

Today, Roland and Jay Abraham address some of the most prominent challenges entrepreneurs are facing right now.

For the record, this call/episode was aired on March 23, 2020.  

“If what you’re selling is still sellable, then let’s figure out how to expand your market in a difficult time.” Jay Abraham

For more from Jay Abraham, we had a great sit down Business Lunch episode with Jay last year. You can listen to that hereIf you’re enjoying the podcast, make sure you’re subscribed and share this episode with your business leading friends. It will be entrepreneurs that help our world recover! 

Listen Today For

  • The kind of thinking that will prepare you for massive success when we come out on the other side of this crisis.
  • Strategies to maximize a pre-planned launch when clients are hunkering down, and your competitors are asleep.
  • How to “own referral sources” by offering help and support to businesses that have a client base that matches your target audience.
  • Ideas to help Restaurant owners and suppliers survive until the market changes.
  • Why this is the time for strategic alliances, joint ventures, and approaching companies (and people) that generally wouldn’t be open to your ideas.

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“In adversity and in good times, the quality of your question is going to determine the quality of your result’. Jay Abraham.

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