Episode 146 *Bonus Episode* How To Access Capital For Your Business, FAST, with Ty Crandall

Get All the Cash You Need to Survive & Thrive the Coronavirus Economy

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Roland has been sharing a series of live Zoom calls on his Facebook page. We’ve been sharing some of this super helpful content on the podcast. Today, Roland and Ty Crandall talk about leveraging SBA loans, availability, and strategy to access crisis funding, how to grow and maximize your business credit, and so much more! For the record, this call/episode was aired on March 21st, 2020.

“It’s really going to be critical to get in front of it… People who are acting decisively and moving quickly will be in the best position.” Roland Frasier

Ty Crandall is a Business credit expert who helps entrepreneurs get capital by improving ‘fundability,’ building business credit, and access loans and credit lines.

“I feel like a weatherman in a hurricane. I’ve spent the last 12 years preparing for this moment. I had a mortgage company in 2008 when everything went down – wrong place wrong time. But I realize that thereafter that there was a lot of financing that I could have got”. Ty Crandall.

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Listen Today For

• Q & A from real entrepreneurs asking today’s questions.

• Expert Advice for different kinds of companies, including service-based companies, hotels, restaurants, and Veteran small businesses.

• An overview of the SBA Disaster relief loans.

• Alternative Lenders that actually makeup 90% of loans. 

• The Three ‘C’s that determine your ‘fundability’: Cash Flow, Credit, and Collateral. What’s your strong point? Have all three? Listen to Ty’s advice on the best route to pursue. 

• The relationship between your credit, cash flow, and the term length of your loan.

• A caution on applying for credit cards on your own.

• Why you are better off applying for credit from multiple sources as opposed to one.

• So much more!

“There’s tremendous opportunity right now to get capital for your business, not only for immediate cash needs but also for going forward. There are 50 billion dollars in SBA money that’s come online, and that’s not all”. Roland Frasier

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Ty’s company, CreditSuite.com

Loans for Vets

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