Episode 145: Creating The Optimal Brain and Mindset For The Next 90 Days, With John Assaraf

How To Thrive in Business Through The Covid-19 Pandemic.

Roland has been doing a series of live zoom calls on his Facebook page this past week. We shared his strategy for surviving in business over the next season in the last episode, so be sure to listen back to that. 

But today we’re sharing what Roland describes is ‘one of the most important calls he’s been on.’ Roland talks with John Assaraf, one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the world. He dives into getting your head right amid this growing pandemic AND how to approach your employees and clients during this time. 

For the record, this call/episode was aired on March 21st, 2020.

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Listen Today For

1. How The Brain Processes Threats Like Covid-19.

• The reason some people are on the beach in Florida and others are panic buying.

• What is media consumption doing to our brains right now?

• How does the brain react when it believes there’s a threat?

“Most people, if they’re not trained or skilled in seeing threat and knowing what to do with it, they’re going to react automatically…have doubt, which breeds uncertainty, which triggers their fear center, which triggers people to react to their highest level of training.” John Assaraf

2. What The Trained Investor or Individual Will Do Instead

• Understand that you need to research the research.

• Listen to ‘the Frankenstein side’ of the brain, but understand and observe it, and then be sure to listen to the ‘Einstein side’ of the mind too.

• Get all the ‘What if’s’ out of your head and do this with your team also. 

• Come up with calm counter-strategies to the threat and make a plan.

“The trained investor, entrepreneur, individual will be able to observe and know either what to do or whom to ask. Because they’ve ‘been here before, they can respond intelligently and rationally. “John Assaraf

3. How To ‘Pace’ a Client or Employee That’s In Fear and Panic

“We think about what we feel, and we feel what we think about.” John Assaraf

• An approach that will establish calm and bring people ‘off the ledge’.

4. And More!

We’ve edited down included some valuable answers to questions that were raised by War Room Members in the live Zoom call. 

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