3 Ways To Win (Today).

It’s a big month for Business Lunch Podcast.

We’re celebrating 250 episodes, 1.5 million downloads, and the podcast community of Entrepreneurs that makes doing this so fun (that’s you)! Thank you for all your support. We appreciate it!

3 Ways To Win (Today).

1. An Easy Networking Strategy.

Share an episode of this podcast. It may sound basic, but take a minute and consider – which episode(s) are most relevant and would be most helpful to entrepreneurs in your life? Pick your favorite episode (for them), send them the Apple Podcasts link, and tell them why you thought of them. Then repeat, with every entrepreneur you know. They will thank you.

2. Listen To A Power Episode Of Business Lunch Podcast.

We pride ourselves on great content, but we have gone the extra mile this month. As you’ll hear in this episode, we’ve got Four Business Titans on the show this month: Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Marcus Lemonis.

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3. Enter To Win One Of These Apple Prizes

If want to win a pair of AirPod Pros, AirPod Max Headphones, an iPad Air, or the iPhone 12 Mini, make sure you enter our giveaway for Entrepreneurs here.  It’s a WIN-WIN.

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