Episode 175, E-Sport Success, Building Bullibone, and Life in An Entrepreneur House, With Trevor Jensen

Roland talks with Trevor Jenson, CEO, Board member and co-founder for several multi-million dollar companies. Trevor’s current projects include HSEL (High School E-Sports League) and Bullibone. 

The three gamers that started HSEL were receiving all kinds of equity offers, and they knew they needed help to navigate their way forward. So they brought in Trevor Jensen to consult with them. He saw that it was a massive opportunity and proceeded to help them avoid various bad deals and landmines. He is now a co-founder and has built a great team around them. 

“I came in, and there was no revenue going on. They were just doing it for free, paying for it out of their own pocket, working pizza jobs, just to pay for it. Cause they knew it needed to exist.” Jensen

He talks with Roland today about E-Sports, Networking, living in an Entrepreneur house, not to mention the success of his OTHER business, Bullibone

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What is E-Sport Exactly?

  • A tournament that gets more viewers than the Superbowl.

“So if you think of basketball, football, lacrosse, anything in high school, you have a team, and you play against other high schools, and you compete for Championships (and all sorts of different prizes). That’s what this is. You can play video games for your high school and compete against other high schools.” Trevor Jensen

  • How Jensen introduced new revenue models and put together a team of experts.
  • What they looked for in people and investors.
  • The steps he took and where he began in order to find the right team for this massive opportunity.

The Importance Of Your Elevator Pitch For Networking

“Having your elevator pitch about your company is really important because if you get people that you’re talking to excited, they’ll make an introduction to someone who makes an introduction to someone, and the word starts traveling fast”. Trevor Jensen

  • Questions to ask that will help you to build rapport and genuinely do good in the world.

“If you own the high school audience, you own all of these sports, and we are the biggest and fastest-growing high school E-sports community”. Jensen

You’ll Also Hear 

  • How he got into the Pet Industry after being hit by a car.
  • His journey so far as CEO of Bullibone.
  • Deals & Acquisitions.
  • The benefits of living in an ‘Entrepreneur House’.

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