Episode 176, The Biggest Threat To Your Future Success, By Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier addresses a threat every business owner and entrepreneur has to face, in this very short episode. Listen in for a powerful practice that will protect your time, your success, and your future.


Set specific time aside just to think and process.

Determine what is essential and say no, or “not now” to the rest. All of my virtual mentors, from Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison, did this well. Some walk, as Steve Jobs did, some meditate like Ray Dalio. And some, like me, do it in the morning or evening, alongside working out. 

No matter what, your current success is the biggest threat to your future success. 

Read that one more time. 

Your current success is the biggest threat to your future success. Your current success will create opportunities because others will want to work with you and tap into it. 

Just remember it’s easy to drown in opportunity if you’re not practiced in the art of saying no. Choose one or a very few things to focus on, and keep your eyes, thoughts, and mind there.

“Business is an intellectual sport.” Keith Cunningham

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