Episode 177, How To Scale Your Business With An Outsourced Team, With Founder of FreeUp, Nathan Hirsch

In this episode, Roland talks with Nathan Hirsch, the founder of (recently sold) FreeUp, and (the newly launched) Outsource School. They discuss his story, why he wouldn’t do a Drop-Shipping business now, his new Venture, and how he scaled FreeUp from a $5,000 investment to 12 million last year.

“The entire time we acted like the sale wasn’t going to go through. That they were going to pull out at any given time because we didn’t want to get to the end, have them pull out, and have neglected the business for three months. So, it’s tough to do, but we ended up having our best month the month that we were acquired”. Nathan Hirsch 

11 years ago, Nathan Hirsch started his first company, Portlight, in his college dorm room, selling textbooks on Amazon. Since then, Nathan has bootstrapped two multimillion-dollar businesses.

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Listen For Nathan’s TOP 3 Ways To Scale A Business Up

1.  A Partnership program with ‘Content Swaps’.

…Find all the big players in your space that don’t have a competing service and find ways to mutually work together, consistently over time. So you’re constantly getting in front of their community.” Nathan Hirsch

2. Affiliate Marketing

“Everyone’s looking for a good source to point people to that makes them look good. And that’s really what it’s all about”. Nathan Hirsch

3. Podcasting

So podcasts are great for networking. They’re good for backlinks. They’re good for a snowballing effect. You get to use them to get on bigger opportunities, speaking, engagements, whatever. And it’s good to get in front of thousands of your ideal audience”. Nathan Hirsch


  • The most surprising thing about his FreeUP Exit.
  • How he ran his company with 30 Full-time VA’s in the Philippines.
  • What he would do differently if he were starting again today.
  • How to find ‘good people’.
  • How his drop-shipping business went from being a roaring success to something being something he left behind.
  • His major mentors.
  • His favorite read!

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