Episode 104: Moving Your Buyer From Red To Green And Why You Should Bottle Your Magic Using Models, with Simon Bowen

This is a fascinating episode with Australia’s #1 authority on Visual Based Thinking and creator of The Models Method, Simon Bowen.

As a dynamic change agent, consultant, facilitator, CEO mentor, speaker and author, Simon Bowen is highly sought after by Fortune 500 companies, heads of Government, the military and private sector, all because of his transformational impact on the organizations he serves.

This episode will help you to,

· Elevate your sales results

· Raise the performance level of your team

· Increase your leadership impact, and

· Create higher levels of ownership and alignment across your business.

“83% of all signals come in through the visual cortex… people believe what they see but they doubt what they hear”. Simon Bowen

Listen Today for, 

  • Some genius tips and insight on pitching and sales.
  • Why sales scripts fall short – and a better way to get results.
  • How you need to justify your prospect’s decision to buy instead of providing them with a reason to back out and say no.
  • The mistake most people make when they try to sell a concept.
  • Why selling Context works better.
  • The main reason that you should be tracking your conversion rates.
  • Why using models will be all the more powerful for you the more complex your product is.
  • How using models will affect the SPEED of your conversion rates as much as increasing the rates themselves.
  • The value of using models for project management, planning, and leadership – as well as sales.
  • An explanation of ‘choreography’ – how the model is delivered, the storyline, and how you unpack the model and place the buyer in the model.
  • The emotional movement of a sale: From Interest to Tension, to Desire, To Confidence, To Urgency.
  • The ideal suite of models that your company would benefit from.
  • How the Genius model is transforming companies because everyone in the company knows what they do and can explain it.
  • Where external market misalignment is tied to internal misalignment – so using models can transform your company inside out.
  • The most post powerful sales weapon in our current culture.

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“For me, the conversion is three things, the quality of the conversion, the speed of the conversion and the rate of conversion… We have people ALL the time making high ticket sales immediately when they use the model”– Simon Bowen.

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