Episode 103: Winter Is Coming – How to Use Inversion Thinking To Prepare And Prosper Anyway, with Roland Frasier

Inversion Thinking Part 2

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In this episode, Roland yet again helps us to think smarter. He shares with you how he protects his businesses with Inversion thinking – and how you need to plan for the opposite of what you want to happen. This is not a doomsday episode, but a way of thinking that will protect you and keep you prospering.

Roland shares an example of when he was stuck in a bad situation, but turned it into a good situation that made him a whole lot of money. This ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ mindset will empower you to adapt and pivot when necessary.

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“It’s remarkable how much long term advantage people like us have had – just by trying to consistently be NOT stupid instead of trying to be very intelligent” Charlie Monger

Listen For

  • The things that are making you money today may not be the things that will make you money in 5 years – and what to do about that.
  • How Roland made 1000X ROI from a hotel room when his plane was grounded for 10 days
  • How trying not to be stupid is way smarter than trying to be smart

And more…

“I assume that everything that I’m doing right now that makes me money is going to be gone five years from now because change is inevitable and constant. So I live in a state not of panic, but of concern – So that I can adapt my business so that it will not go away.” Roland Frasier

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