Episode 102: How Syed Balkhi Problem-Solved His Way To 10 Million Websites and An 8-Figure Growing Business

Hold on and listen in closely today, as Roland and 28-year old Syed Balkhi talk smart and fast about his progression from problem-solving innovator to Award-winning entrepreneur – honored by the United Nations. Hear why it’s no wonder that he’s been featured in Forbes, Inc, e.t.c and how 10 million websites use his software.

Roland asks questions about how he has built his amazing, multi-faceted, 8-figure business from nothing. They quickly move into a conversation regarding how he is ‘boot-strap’ growing his company with smart acquisitions and more.

“I learned how to code because I didn’t have the money to pay people to code. I literally opened the source code and started googling. I’m pretty good at reverse engineering…I can make crappy fast!” Syed Balkhi

To find out more about Syed and dig a little deeper, visit his site.

Listen Today for

  • How Syed started earning money for himself at age 12 – with forum posting.
  • How his determination to play video games in High school drove his creative problem solving, teaching himself how to make a proxy and how to code.
  • This evolved into making websites for people and hiring people by age 16.
  • His now 10-year old blog was birthed in order to solve problems for his clients (for free) and this blog turned out to be the foundation for his success.
  • How he built his content purely on user-fed content, and the affiliate marketing revenue and rev shares grew as word of mouth spread.
  • Why (and how) he made the leap to developing software.
  • The Exit-Intent Popup code that he created that in turn changed the game (and he even trade-marked the term) increasing traffic by 600%.
  • How he dealt with people knocking off his work.
  • What he learned from taking OptIn Monster outside his primary ecosystem.
  • Why he stays within WordPress (35% of the web) as an eco-system to double down on his unfair advantage.
  • How to define a success gap!
  • The reasons that Syed is growing his business through Acquisitions.
  • How his reputation for not abusing his user base has opened acquisition doors.
  • The story of how he got connected with his highly successful mentor.
  • His perspective on mentors and paying for them.
  • Syed’s travel hacks for the monthly trips he takes with family.

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“Look at LeBron James. He has a professional coach for everything. If you’re an entrepreneur you need that network to improve. You can only improve if you’re around people that are smarter than you” – Syed Balkhi

References Mentioned In This Episode

OptIn Monster

Extreme Revenue Growth book

Nathan Latka podcast

Traction Book 



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