Episode 101: Four Questions To Ask Yourself To Unlock Innovation & Exponential Growth, With Roland Frasier

‘Thinking Different’

Roland is always asking us to think differently and to think bigger, and this episode is no different! He gives us questions as an exercise that you can use to assess your assumptions and help you grow your business a hundred times over.

Listen in as Roland shares examples from Elon Musk and one of his War Room mastermind members. To dig in further on how to achieve massive business growth, head to the home page and sign up for exclusive content from Roland to your inbox.

“Innovation is what leads to exponential growth.”– Roland Frasier

Listen For

  • The problem with only focusing on Optimizing all the time
  • Four Vital Questions to ask for your life and your business:
  1. What preconceptions do you have about your life and business that are holding you back?
  2. What are the internal language patterns (things that you’re telling yourself) that are also holding you back?
  3. What are the assumptions that you’re making that might not be actual facts?
  4. How can you apply lateral thinking to your challenges and situation?

“Most of our lives we reason by analogy, copying what other people do with only slight variations”– Elon Musk

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