Episode 233, Turn Your Students Into Partners and Win Big With Arbitrage, With Jerry Conti.

We’re finally airing an episode with Jerry Conti, a serial entrepreneur, and a world-class connector. He’s the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LuxHomePro and now BoomSTR. Like many of our guests, Jerry’s all about strategic partnerships.

This episode was recorded in Mexico at WarRoom before things were turned upside down in 2020. Listen for his smart strategy and the insight and takeaways that still hold true.

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“It’s about traffic and conversion. I mean, at the end of the day, that’s all we do. How do you get more heads in beds in the short term rental space? How do you get more butts in seats in the seminars? Right? It is, it’s the same thing. And so it’s just a matter of understanding marketing. There are 600,000 vacation rentals in the United States. And most of those operators and homeowners have no clue of what they’re doing. But I can scale the marketing worldwide because I can do it from anywhere. I can be in Scottsdale and market your home in London. There’s no geographic barrier.” Jerry Conti

Jerry’s Core Arbitrage Strategy

  • How Jerry finds the right properties and what he’s looking for.
  • How to create a win-win (win) scenario for the homeowner, the real estate agent, and yourself.
  • How to reassure your homeowner and ensure that their property and neighbors are cared for (plus some gadgets that help)!
  • How this Arbitrage philosophy works better for the homeowner than a long term renter.

“It’s better to actually rent your house on a short-term level because if the renter doesn’t pay, you have nothing really to fall back on, and it may take you a month or two, three or four months, even kick them out.” Jerry Conti

How Conti has scaled this through Events & Partnerships

Anytime that you’re looking to do anything, find somebody that’s already aggregated the thing you want and go there first, because you’ll have it at scale instantly instead of having to do it one or two at a time.” Roland Frasier

Plus Listen Today For,

  • Why Jerry decided against building a fund
  • How he turned his students into partner investors

“What if I could not just teach somebody how to fish, but maybe fish with them? Like, let’s put the rods in the water together. And, that was an idea that came out of doing this for a long time. How can we speed this up for our students?” Jerry Conti.

  • Why you need to enjoy people to run this type of business!
  • How he splits the profits and halves the risk.

And more!

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