Episode 33: What Is The Absurd Reality That Could 10X Your Business, with Roland Frasier

What Do Roland and His Partners Talk About in Their Growth Meetings?

Exponential growth is always done through Leverage. Roland Frasier specializes in finding the leverage, identifying the strategic partners needed and setting the exponential growth in motion.

In this bite-sized episode, Roland encourages us (and demonstrates how) to think outside the box and identify your most profitable activities. He tells us how he:

• Systematically looks for ideas (growth levers) in the areas of Acquisition, Activation, Monetization, Retention and Referral.

• Scores these ideas from the highest impact to the lowest impact based on ICE – Impact, Confidence and Ease, always looking for the ‘low hanging fruit’.

What are the LEAST expensive ways for you to drive conversions?

Leverage yourself by focusing on the things that give you the most return. To identify what to focus on, ask these three questions:

1. What activity contributes most to Top Line Revenue?

2. What activity contributes the most to Margin?

3. What activity contributes the most to Profitable Growth?

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