Episode 34: Three Keys to Winning Over Your Perfect Customer, with Scott Oldford

Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy.

Roland gets into the details with Scott Oldford as he shares his story and the strategy for success that took him from ‘Top 20 under 20’ to where he is today. Scott partners with 7-figure+ Entrepreneurs and Influencers to make their business sustainable and scalable.

Hear how Scott recovered from the bad decisions he made when his ego overtook him at age 21 and turned his climb back to success into his hugely successful ‘ROI method’ that’s helping his clients scale their businesses into the millions.

Listen for

• The Kiss of Death for any entrepreneur.

• Why you want to be a Spokes-person for your brand, not a Guru.

• Why a billionaire mentor is useless to you.

• How to be everywhere your avatar is in order to ‘hack their brain’.

• The five ‘places of belief’ that you need to win over in your avatar.

• How vulnerability and authenticity in your community creates ‘stick’.

• The necessity for conversation and how to find writers that can speak on your behalf

• How to become Internet Famous in a small specific place

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