Episode 352: 5 Ways Your Business Can Beat Inflation

The inflation rate is the highest it’s been in 40 years. It’s absolutely going to affect your business, but you can make adjustments that lessen the impact.

On today’s episode, co-hosts Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss put their heads together and “fix inflation” once and for all. Okay, not quite, but Roland does have five very practical and innovative ways you can keep your business growing—and your margins high—as inflation rates continue to rise. The first thing you can do is optimize your pricing strategies. Ryan admits to freaking out whenever they raise prices on any of their products/services, but Roland is the voice of reason, explaining why it’s okay and how to do it right. You’ll want to take notes during this value-packed episode. Roland believes inflation will eventually come back down as things stabilize, but right now you have to take action if you want to stay in business.

Listen in for five things you can do to help your business stay ahead of inflation, no matter how fast it climbs.


  • The only reason it might be smart to lower your prices right now 
  • Why you need to restructure your lowest margin customers and products (and how)
  • Tips for creating profit-optimized offers
  • How to recapture value through vertical integration


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