Episode 351: Treating Your Business Like a Private Equity Fund

One of the keys to building true wealth, and not just income, is to differentiate yourself and your business from everybody else out there. 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier talks about the importance of setting yourself apart from the crowd and setting your business up like a private equity fund. As other people come to you for advice, what are the patterns you see? What is your specific set of skills and how can you leverage and optimize that so that you’re not just bringing in more money, you’re building up equity and increasing your wealth exponentially? He gives a ton of examples of cash alternatives you can provide in exchange for equity and shares personal stories of acquiring millions of dollars in this shrewd and brilliant way.

Listen in for some great tips on differentiating yourself so you can build wealth through equity. 


  • Why Roland takes care of people first, asks for equity later 
  • Why most companies that are raising money want to give it away 
  • 10+ cash alternatives you can provide in exchange for equity
  • What to write in your LOI (letter of intent) to a company you’re interested in 


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