Episode 350: Using the Impact-Genius Matrix for Time Management with Ryan Deiss

The optimal-hours-in-a-work-week debate is neverending. Four hours a week? Four hundred hours a week? Somewhere in between?

On today’s episode, co-hosts Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss sit down to solve the optimal work week puzzle once and for all. Okay, not really, since the two of them don’t even agree. But that’s not the point. Doing what works best for you is. For Ryan personally, he wants to get more intentional about the work he’s doing, what categories that work fits in, and how many hours he’s spending on each category. He has found that, past a certain point, working more hours results in diminishing returns. Over the past few months, his personal and professional goals have gotten out of alignment, and that’s not acceptable to him, so he’s making some big changes.

Listen in for helpful tips and actionable steps you can take to make sure your work hours line up with what you value most. 


  • What Ryan writes in his “work diary” and why
  • The 4 categories of work and which ones you want to optimize for 
  • How to keep meeting-creep from overtaking your calendar
  • Why you should limit your hours of flow-state work (even though it’s counterintuitive)


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