Episode 354: Purchasing Social Media Properties with Bjorn Hendricks

There are a few billion options out there when you’re looking to acquire media, so how do you know which ones will be worth the investment? 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier sits down to chat with Bjorn “Beez” Hendricks, founder of the Business Builders Institute, to talk about buying social media properties as a way to grow your business. Beez had been acquiring businesses for a while, then took Roland’s EPIC Challenge, which he credits for his recent success. How does Beez identify media he’d like to acquire? He acquired a marketing firm first, and they reach out to influencers. They have a proven methodology for evaluating the influencers’ engagement, numbers, and the authenticity of their audience, and approach them from there. Beez has acquired 18 properties on his own so far and 20+ with his community. 

Listen in for some helpful strategies for finding and acquiring media that will help you build your brand. 


  • Why the iOS 14 privacy updates made social media buying even more important  
  • How Beez and his team work with brokers when acquiring media
  • Why you might want to acquire a Slack or a Discord group
  • How (and why) to focus on TikTok without neglecting YouTube*-



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