Episode 355: Are We Heading into a Recession? And What Does It Mean for Business Owners?

Is 2022 the new 2008, or are things different this time around? Two business partners sit down for a healthy debate. 

On today’s episode, co-hosts Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss share their differing perspectives on where our economy is headed in the near future. Ryan goes first with his tongue-in-cheek doomsday spiel of “our entire economy is collapsing; the stock market is in free fall; all crypto is basically worthless; and God help you if you bought NFTs.” Then Roland comes in to calm Ryan down, with his assessment of the key differences between 2008-2009 and right now. He explains the perfect storm of events that got us to where we are—and what entrepreneurs need to do to ride out that storm. Will his experience and wisdom be enough to convince Ryan that the glass is indeed half full? 

Listen in to find out—and to get some tips for preparing your business for what lies ahead. 


  • The single biggest difference between 2008 and today (and why it’s good news) 
  • Why this is NOT a good time to jump out of the market 
  • How to stay calm and capitalize on your competitors’ fears
  • Why you should double down on acquiring and/or creating your own media right now  



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