Episode 357: Secrets of a Business Broker with Mark Daoust

Did you know considering the selling factor for your business is something you should always keep in mind? 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier speaks with guest Mark Daoust who shares the secrets you need to ensure your business thrives to its potential. As a business broker and founder of Quiet Light, Mark has had personal experience of brokering billions of dollars of acquisitions and mentions the importance of honesty when doing deals. Mark talks about how businesses today can improve their valuation and  a big mistake that business owners make by viewing their business simply in terms of cash flow. His philosophy is that your business is an asset, and growth and profitability can improve your businesses’ valuation. He also shares some things that can be done to enrich your business to its best state before considering selling it.

Listen in to discover how you can avoid underestimating your business asset with or without a business broker, and why the guidance may be worth it.


  • Why you need to start viewing your business as an asset for future revenue instead of focusing on cash-based accounting.
  • How a broker can help you calculate working capital.
  • At what point do you absolutely need a business broker?
  • The difference between an M&A attorney and an investment bank advisor – does it matter in the face of brokerage companies like Quiet Light?
  • How to assess and add value to your company before contacting a broker
  • What quality of earnings is and why it matters



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