Episode 358: How Much Money Makes You Wealthy with Ryan Deiss

What does it mean to be financially comfortable, and how does it differ from being wealthy?

On today’s episode, hosts Ryan and Roland share their thoughts on money and the meaning of real wealth. The conversation takes inspiration from a recent Charles Schwab survey, which challenged the participants by asking whether it is possible to put a dollar amount on what it means to be wealthy? Some might be surprised by numbers revealed in this research, and some may not. But in both cases – they will certainly make you think.

This discussion might help us in trying to understand when do people begin to feel they’ve accomplished what they set out to accomplish. What more do we need to feel secure? Do we feel grateful for what we already achieved? In the end, what is wealth? What does leading a wealthy life really mean for you? After all, if you only measure it by money, it will always change, and it might make you forget to invest in other aspects of your life. 


  • What is the difference between being wealthy and financially comfortable? 
  • What does the survey from Charles Shwab reveal about net worth? 
  • How does focusing on earning differ from focusing on your net worth?
  • How to use these types of studies to realign your goals.



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