Episode 379: 9 Ways to Get Paid in Cash and Equity – Traffic and Conversion Summit Replay

If you’ve ever given free advice, you may have noticed that when someone doesn’t pay for it, they often don’t take action. That’s reason enough to start charging for advice – and what better way to get paid than to receive equity in exchange? 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier breaks down how you can leverage your knowledge and expertise to build a profitable consulting business and get paid in equity. 

Have you ever met a brain picker? You know, that guy on LinkedIn who wants to hop on a 15-minute call to ask you something about your business. Well, that’s time, experience, and potential business wasted giving advice to someone who’s probably never going to implement that advice. You see, people don’t value free things. And according to Ryan, your experience is far too valuable to give out for free. 

Tune in to learn how you can use your professional experience to provide ideas, insight, and intelligence to those looking to grow their business – and get paid both in cash and equity.


  • The drawbacks of giving out free advice
  • Best industries to set up a consulting business
  • How to start consulting for equity
  • Case studies on how to create wealth from equity deals
  • Where to find consulting clients willing to trade advice for equity
  • How to handle brain pickers and people fishing for free advice
  • Consulting fees and how much you should charge
  • The three main steps to building a profitable consulting business 


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