Episode 381: The Importance of Transferrable Value

What is your company’s value? Can that value be replicated if you decide to leave?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier breaks down transferable value, what it means, and how value drivers significantly impact your company’s market valuation.

Transferable value is simply what a business is worth to someone else if the owner decides to leave. If you have plans of one day exiting your business, you must understand the process of creating and maintaining transferable value. However, the thing to note here is that transferable value is not the same as profit. Just because your company makes a ton of money yearly does not necessarily mean it has transferable value.  

Listen in to learn how you can build transferable value in your business and create an exit plan that dramatically increases your company’s value drivers.  


  • What is transferable value?
  • The five most common ways to exit a business
  • How to move your business towards a higher valuation
  • Factors that impact the growth of a business
  • Industries with the biggest expansion opportunities
  • The three main components of building transferable value
  • How to build a stable and motivated team capable of growing your business.
  • Operating systems that improve the sustainability of cash flows


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